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Value-Add to Businesses

The right team makes all the difference

In the Innovative Software Business, WE ARE THAT TEAM

Do Once, Do Right!

Custom software development that’s done fast is never done right.

We believe custom software development should be done once and done right. It should be extendable but should never require a rework.

We investigate the system requirements, dig a little deeper, ask questions, do brainstorming as a team, define scalable and extendable architectures, and work harder to ensure our clients are getting the best possible product to power up their business goals.

Continuous Improvement & Agile

We do follow Agile religiously but on top of that, we believe in adding values.

We do follow continuous improvement methodologies to identify opportunities for improving quality and efficiency through many small incremental changes, streamlining work, and reducing waste that grew out of the agile model.

Being Agile and following Continuous Improvement methodologies, we ensure the implementation of the Do Once, Do Right approach to deliver the best possible products for our customers.

Software Development

Keeping up with the demands of today is a thing of the past. We are speculating about the future.

We bring your ideas to life with a high-performance software development solution that features end-to-end delivery and a seamless user experience.

We’ll develop your software flexible enough to adapt to quickly shifting market demands, consumer trends, and other factors that may affect its uptake and profitability.

Delivering what you need

Is What We Do Best!

Web Development

With skilled web development and specially crafted software solutions, we assist clients in achieving success via excellence by utilizing the top frameworks.

Mobile Apps Development

Cost-effective and affordable mobile solutions for startups and enterprises, from purpose-specific to social and gaming, we offer all.

Enterprise Software Development

Using trusted cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Azure, we develop highly scalable systems for your business.

Blockchain Development

With scalable and top frameworks, we provide custom blockchain development services for DeFi/dApps and NFT Marketplace that shines.

UI/UX Design

We use human-centric design techniques to address your performance issues by creating a simpler way for your consumers to communicate with your business.

End-to-End Development

Proficiency with a variety of technologies, including Angular, Nodejs, React & React Native, Python, Go, .NET Stacks (ASP.NET, MVC, Blazor, .NET Core), SQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL

Our Happy Clients!


The NPMCODE team is amazing. They are incredible problem solvers and demonstrated constant availability and responsiveness during the process. Over the last 5 months, Team NPMCODE helped us to develop our league play format software which will be used by thousands of roundnet enthusiasts.  We are thrilled to collaborate with the NPMCODE Team once more soon and will be working with them on future iterations of our software.

Kaleb Wagner

CO-Founder, American Spikers League / Youth Spikers League

We were able to pass a penetration test for our software with the assistance of NPMCODE. They also improved our Visodome’s quality and success by streamlining our application and adding new features and ensured the success and quality of the software. They helped us understand important components and best practices in a timely and transparent manner. Their assistance has been priceless, and I am grateful for their knowledge of how to improve and continue Visidome.

Florian Kaufmann


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